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Caring For Your Local Window Decals

The appearance of smudges, markings, and lines when the window film is first applied, will smooth and blend with the print after the film is in the sunlight and adheres to the surface after several days.

  • Wait 7-10 days before washing your vehicle. This allows time for the vinyl to adhere to its new surface.
  • DO NOT use any type of pressure washer on your vehicle graphics. (Extreme Images is NOT RESPONSBILE for vinyl peeling, ripping, or separating from any type of pressure washing. )
  • DO NOT roll down a window glass that has window film applied. Many vehicles have rubber stops below the door glass opening that prevents objects or even rain from passing through and this will cause damage to your film. (Extreme Images is NOT RESPONSIBLE for window film that has been pushed up or away from the glass due to the window mechanism.)
  • When cleaning your vehicle, do not use sharp objects such as an ice scrapper or plastic credit card to remove frost/ice. Foreign objects such as these will cut, rip or scratch the surface of the window film or vinyl graphics. (Extreme Images IS NOT responsible for damaged graphics or window film due to improper care.)

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Please visit the Our Projects page for samples of our custom window decals.

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