Douglas county sign

Our Graphics can be seen all over West Georgia!

Extreme Images is your Douglas County Print Shop. Graphics that we create for our clients can be seen all around town. Whether you need 1 sign or 1000, we are the shop for you. Our graphics are great to help you promote your company in a unique way. We love working with our clients to come up with a creative and unique design to be used on their graphic products.

We are often asked why a company should allow us to design their graphics for them, when there are online companies that will allow you to design them for free using their online software. There are many reasons why, one of them being that we will do all the hard work for you!

Instead of spending hours fighting with their online design software trying to get your design ‘just right’, one of our experienced designers will take care of it for you. Our graphics designers are able to create a unique and creative design that will surely make you happy. Our designers know the exact dimensions and measurements of our magnets, canvas prints, and window decals. They also know exact curves and dimensions for vehicle graphics and vehicle wraps. 

sign being measured

We often hear that someone has spent many hours online designing a product, only to find out when the product comes in the mail that half of their logo is cut off, or it is printed crooked. Don’t make this mistake of wasting your time and money. Instead, allow us to do the project for you correctly, the first time!

Please visit the Our Projects page for samples of our custom graphics.

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